Sean Ericson and I along with several other members of the media 'tripped the light fantastic' at the Power of Pink Luncheon in Lufkin on Thursday.  I'm not quite sure what that phrase means, but when you're wearing a bra with feathers, it seems to fit. 

The Power of Pink event was once again a sell out as the East Texas community showed up to support breast cancer awareness.  CHI St. Luke's Health Memorial presents the luncheon at which the winning bras from the Art Bra competition are also a very unique way.

Andy Adams from the Lufkin Daily news, Brad Hlozak from KTRE, Mike Martin from Y100, along with Sean and me took to the catwalk to model the bras.  Andy wore a Lufkin Panther bra that actually growled, Brad wore one that was themed after Candy Crush, Mike wore a Batman bra, Sean had a Peek-a-Boo bra complete with hands, and I modeled a beach-themed bra complete with shells and a flamingo.

In fact, the flamingo made a squeaking noise when squeezed.  We discovered that quite by accident.  But, just like the immature juveniles that we are, we just couldn't stop giggling about evidenced by the video below.