On Thursday, July 14, my oldest daughter, Chandler Merrell, married Adam Oriti at a resort in Cancun.  My family arrived on Sunday, July 10, and my intent was to post a story complete with photos every day leading up to the wedding.  That went according to plan that Monday and Tuesday, however, after that, I decided to enjoy the vacation and not work so much.

Two weeks have passed since the nuptials and yesterday nearly 200 photos from the wedding were delivered to us.  I must give a shout-out to our wedding photographer who made the trip to Cancun for this occasion.  Sabrina Guerrero with SG Photography is amazing. She also accompanied my wife and youngest daughter to Isla Mujeres to take her high school senior pictures.  Those were also amazing.

The wedding was beautiful in our chapel that overlooked the Caribbean Sea. The priest celebrated a wonderful service of matrimony. I didn't shed any tears except before the wedding.  When it was just me and my daughter in her room, she asked me to say a blessing for her just before we walked down to the chapel.  I wasn't expecting that, but it was a heart-touching moment.

Following the wedding, we headed to a terrace on the resort overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters below.  We danced to Neon Moon, Copperhead Road, Footloose, Baby Got Back, Cupid Shuffle, and many others.  During the reception, a man from Tel Aviv was on the beach flying a drone and he took some aerial photos of our celebration. A few of those are included in the gallery below.

To close out the night, the newlyweds, Chandler and Adam Oriti responded to the challenge laid out by Sabrina Guerrero, our photographer.  Chandler, in her wedding dress, and Adam jumped into one of the resort's pools.

I hope you enjoy the photos

Danny Merrell's daughter gets married in Cancun

Chandler Merrell, the oldest daughter of KICKS 105's Danny Merrell, got married at a beautiful resort in Cancun. Here are some photos from the wedding, resort, and reception.



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