Usually, there are two main reasons why us guys tend to put off 'honey-do' chores, number one - procrastination, number two - we may not quite be 100% sure how to accomplish something on that list.

There's not a whole lot I can say that may help with reason number one, but I have a solution for reason number two.

Let me introduce you to the EyeHandy website.   

Now, I know what you're thinking.   This is nothing more than a bunch of bikini-wearing girls showing off their curves.

NOT TRUE!! Well...not altogether true...I mean, it's kinda true, but, there is a level of education that does come from these videos.

Honestly, I went to this website to learn...not to look.  And, in all seriousness, I did learn to perform some tasks...such as the proper way to re-grip golf clubs and how to break into locked luggage (not that I have ever had the need, but it's nice to know).  Did you know that rubbing liquid soap on your bathroom mirror will prevent it from steaming up?  I didn't until now.

At first, I was not going to place this posting on our website, but in most of the videos the girls aren't wearing anything less than what you would normally see at the lake, and the narratives are straightforward and informative.  I doubt, however, you'll see Lauren, Julia, or Eli at any construction site.