I have been a fan of DQ since the 1970s. My parents managed a DQ in Lockhart, Texas, and after school, I would find myself in my dad's office doing homework or finding a way to kill some time, such as playing solitaire or doing a crossword puzzle. Keep in mind, smartphones were still nearly 3 decades away.

I enjoyed watching my parents and the other staff prepare the delicious DQ favorites. My mom took pride in making the perfect curl that topped every DQ sundae or cone. I was mesmerized when I saw the ice cream cone dipped upside down into a chocolate bath.


It's a good thing that the DQ Blizzard wasn't invented at that time. It would have been just one more treat to add to the list of things that I begged my parents for every night.

Flash forward about 50 years, and I still enjoy going by my local DQ to order a BeltBuster or a Steak Finger Country Basket.


Sometimes, I'll order up my favorite standby treat - the Peanut Buster Parfait.

Yes, I'm a fan of DQ. But, I'm sure there are many others that are true fanatics of the DQ experience, and that's exactly who DQ is looking for so that they can crown that person "The Biggest DQ Fan in Texas."

Stake Your Claim as The Biggest Fan

Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council is scouring the state looking for this person. That winner will receive free Treats & Eats for a year from DQ, Josh Abbott Band swag, DQ swag, Dr Pepper swag and more!

DQ fans can make their case as to why they are “The Biggest Fan in Texas” by visiting dqtexas.com/biggestdqfan. Whatever their storythe Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council wants to find the number one fan in Texas.

“DQ restaurants in Texas have been enjoyed by fans for more than 75 years,” says Lou Romanus, CEO of the Texas Dairy Queen Operator’s Council. “We love to hear all the stories and see the photos of our fans enjoying their favorite Treats & Eats. As we search the Lone State, where will we find The Biggest DQ Fan in Texas? Who is it? And more importantly, what makes this person The Biggest Fan? We are looking forward to hearing from our fans as they tell us why they should be chosen.”

No purchase is necessary to enter or win. The contest is open only to legal residents of Texas, 13 years of age and older. Entries must be received by 8 am CST on August 6, 2023. The Official Rules can be found on the dqtexas.com/biggestdqfan website. The winner of the contest will be announced on August 14, 2023.


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