This new research seems to contradict what we've seen previously reported.

When you think about it, social media is meant to make us more social, right? Being social makes us happier and healthier. This is the idea behind social media and despite the nastiness we seen thrown around on those sites, there is happiness to be found.

At least according to a recent study out of Michigan State University.

After studying more than 13,000 people over the course of two years, their research says that social media can improve your mental well-being. Keep in mind that they looked specifically at adults. There are other studies that show us that social media can make youth feel depressed and anxious. However, with a more mature audience, users were 63 percent less likely to experience psychological distress.

I don't know about you, but this is inspiring to me. This should encourage us to be more positive on social media. Think about it, if we created a more optimistic and loving community on social media, then maybe the next generation will too and so on and so forth. I just read a book on broadcasting happiness and I think this is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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