We'll see the Girl Scouts set up outside grocery stores selling cookies later this month, but will they be there at precisely the minute that Thin Mint craving strikes?  Cuz that doesn't wait.  Find out with this handy Girl Scout Cookie locator.

Not only are Girl Scouts learning valuable life skills, building confidence, and helping to make the world a better place, but they're also making it really easy now to feed our addictions to Tagalongs.

(Tagalongs are the BEST, aren't they?  I mean, argue for Thin Mints all you want, but the peanut butter and chocolate combination wrapped around that crispy wafer is day-making material.  But I digress.)

When the mood strikes, we can plug our zip codes into a handy cookie locator with the San Jacinto Council, starting February 23rd.  Booths don't start until then, but for the few weeks following that date the cookie locator HERE will show us which grocery stores will have Girl Scouts at the front door offering cookies on the way in.

Another option is to install the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on your iOS or Android, and then "Find Cookies Now."  Because again, the craving doesn't wait.

Girl Scouts around Lufkin took the paper orders in January, and they'll start delivering those orders next week.  Remember signing up on that form that was passed around the office?  You'll be glad you caved to the pressure soon.  Only a few more days until those Samoas and Trefoils are delivered.  Oh, and the S'mores cookies are back too.

So, if you didn't order enough, or you missed the boat completely like I did, booth sales will start two weeks from tomorrow and we'll leave the locator up for ya.  The cookies are good right out of the freezer too, so we might as well stock up.

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