The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for the Angelina River below Sam Rayburn Dam and Reservoir in North central Jasper County.  This warning is active now and will continue until 9:15 AM Monday, February 11th.

Tuesday morning, the Corps of Engineers reported Sam Rayburn Dam and Reservoir spillway discharge of 15500 cubic feet per second is expected to start down the Angelina River in the Neches River Basin. Low lying areas will be flooded by these authorized spillway releases with additional increases likely this week. If you are in low lying areas below the Sam Rayburn Dam and Reservoir follow instructions provided by your local emergency officials. Do not attempt to drive across flooded roadways.

According to the Corps' website, "release amounts will continue in accordance with the Water Control Plan through the Powerhouse and now will also include releases through the floodgates.  At this time, combined releases are scheduled to increase over the remainder of this week but are not expected to exceed 16,500 cubic feet per second."

"The current, short-range forecast does not indicate engaging the labyrinth weir spillway at lake elevation 176; however, continued and unprecedented rainfall will increase the likelihood of higher pool elevations, potentially initiating spillway flow.  At that level, impacts are anticipated both immediately around and downstream of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir."


The Jasper-Newton-Sabine Counties Emergency Management Office also issued the following notice to traffic on RR 255 (Sam Rayburn Parkway):

"The Corps of Engineers will be placing riprap along a stretch of Hwy 255 just east of the Sam Rayburn Lake Project Office. We will use two end loaders to transfer riprap from a stockpile near the office to locations approximately 1 mile east. The riprap will be placed on the upstream face of the earthen dam where armor has been lost to wind/wave action. There will be signs in place and pilot vehicles to stop traffic for short periods of time while the loaders are placing the rock. Minimal impacts to traffic is anticipated. The work is expected to start this morning and will continue throughout the day tomorrow."

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