Everywhere you go, each chunk of the world has its own set of rules, mannerisms, and basic guidelines you've got to pick up on if you want to stick around without stirring up trouble.

That's no different in East Texas. When it comes to food related problems, we are quick to shut down a bad idea. Here are 6 things you should NEVER say to and East Texan regarding food.

  • 1

    I'll Be In Dallas ... We should meet up!

    Or anywhere West of Dallas.

    If you've got friends from another state, they can easily underestimate how big Texas really is. I have old army buddies that contact me saying they'll be in Odessa for the weekend and remembered I lived in Texas so ... "Why not grab a bite?"

    You were actually closer to me when you visited Louisiana, buddy. Google it if you have to!

  • 2

    Cook it really well done, please.

    Everybody has different opinions, but a lot of grill masters and cooks will absolutely refuse to ruin a hunk of meat by cooking it until it's "well-done".

    Steaks down here are most likely either rare or medium rare. Figure it out.

  • 3

    There's nowhere to eat.

    Restaurants come and go in towns like Lufkin and Nacogdoches, but with each new chow spot, comes a healthy number of fanatic fans. Die-hard diners will swear by their favorite fast food chain. Enough so that it seems we just about have every option.

    It's a little slim on cuisine from India, or Mediterranean options, but they're there. You just have to know where to look.

  • 4

    In-N-Out is better than ...

    Personally, I enjoyed the meals I've ordered at In-N-Out burger, but if you want to start a heated debate, try and tell someone you prefer In-N-Out to Whataburger.

  • 5

    We've got burgers and hot dogs. It's a BBQ!

    No ... you're grilling hot dogs and burgers. That's not barbecue. (Or barbeque as we call it in Texas)

  • 6

    You can't feed that to your dog!

    We love our pups like they are family. No ... they just ARE our family, and we know what they like, what will hurt 'em, and what might kill 'em.

    Some folks claim that their pets are vegan, but I highly doubt those people live in East Texas. I want to feed Shep some pork chops, try and stop me.

  • 7

    Drinking all that Dr. Pepper will kill ya.

    Oh yeah! Here's a lady who lived to be 106 drinking three Dr Peppers every day.

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