Growing up I was always interested in science and nature. We don't know everything, but the things we do discover are usually very striking.

Exposing your children to science early in life could start a lifetime of learning about how our natural world functions. You could be just one science experiment away from a big breakthrough in fun for your entire family.

The Kurth Memorial Library is once again hosting the Texas A&M University Chemistry Roadshow. Come and see some chemical reactions that will inspire all ages.

Kurth Memorial Library Is Bringing Back The Chemistry Roadshow

Chemistry is not magic, but when you see this show on Friday, July 22nd, 2022 you might think that it is. There are two different shows, one at 11 am and one at 2 pm.

The presentation is presented by Texas A&M University, The Dow Chemical Company, and Shell Oil Company. Come be educated and entertained by chemistry.

The program is free and open to anyone; there are no barriers. As audience members, your family will get to see many amazing experiments unfold right in front of you.

The Exciting Texas A&M Chemistry Roadshow Will Surprise You

Not everything is as it seems when you watch this show. So be prepared to test your hypotheses and learn more about science than you anticipate.

I don't want to give away all of the remarkable demonstrations that they have planned, but there is a genie that emerges from a bottle. There will be a question and answer portion after the show.

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Children under the age of 13 may not be left at the library without adult supervision.

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