The usual picture that comes to my mind when I hear the word 'grandma' is a passive, sweet, grey-haired lady whose sole mission is to spoil her grandchildren.  Becky Powell just destroyed that image for me. 

Now, granted, Powell may be sweet and a great spoiler of kids, but don't break the law in her presence.  She recently tackled a man trying to run from police allowing the cops to apprehend the man.  Powell is a young grandma at 40, but still, the way that she took down the fugitive is worthy of a superhero.

Let's run down the crazy details as spelled out in a report out of the Tri-City Herald.

Joseph Lewis Fry, 20, was allegedly trying to run from police due to an outstanding warrant.  He was apparently faster than the policeman and was starting to get away through the sidewalks of Richland, Washington.  About that time, Powell was observing all this as she was riding shotgun in a car.  Her husband was driving and her teenage son was also in the vehicle.

Powell ordered her husband to speed up so that they could catch up with the fleeing Fry.  The car was still moving as she jumped out and then jumped in front of the fugitive.  The man tried to put a stiff arm on Powell but she slammed him to the ground.  In the process, she grabbed onto the man's shorts and underwear, giving passersby an embarrassing view.

A few seconds later other citizens helped Powell to keep the man on the ground before officers finally arrived.  As they were holding down the fugitive, Powell leaned over and whispered to the man 'How does it feel to be taken down by a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 3?"

Police were thankful for the help, but go on to caution that the public should avoid getting involved in an active chase.