Being an officer of the law is a very dangerous job.  It can also come with some very bizarre stories, such as this one which occurred in broad daylight in Lufkin on Monday.

(caution - graphic description)

According to a Lufkin Police report, Ricky Brimer, 31, was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after an officer stopped him at the intersection of Humason Avenue and Timberland Drive heard a yell.  The officer looked in his rearview mirror to see Brimer standing there naked, attempting to cover his genital area with a piece of carpet.

When officers made contact with Brimer, they noticed he was paranoid, twitchy and had bloody scratches on his arms and torso. He told them he had been on the roof of a nearby home having sexual relations with a woman when he fell off the roof and hurt his chest.

A neighbor came outside and gave officers some pants for Brimer to wear. Brimer admitted to having done K2 and methamphetamine that day. He was medically cleared before being booked into jail.

No word on whether the roof story was true, and if it was, no woman was located.