There's a saying that you should not go grocery shopping while your hungry, you tend to spend more money.  It's probably also not a good idea to go swerving and shopping on a motorized cart. 

According to a media release from the Lufkin Police Deparment, Roy Banks, 67, was arrested after a store employee at HEB on Timberland Drive reported that he was riding around the store on a motorized shopping cart while drunk. The store employee also saw him attempt to hide two alcoholic beverages in his shorts pockets and then attempt to ride out of the store. He was confronted and arrested after an officer arrived


Angelina County Sheriff's Dept
Angelina County Sheriff's Dept

Also reported on that same media release, Amanda Tullos, 28, was arrested on an out-of-state (Louisiana) warrant for cruelty toward a child after an officer stopped her for having an expired license plate. She identified herself as "Amanda Clowdus" and then gave an incorrect date of birth and Social Security number. After giving the officer permission to search her purse, the officer found a CPR card with the name "Amanda Tullos." The officer was then able to identify her, leading to the discovery of the warrant.

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