Anyone who has been in law enforcement for a few years will tell you that they have heard the gamut of excuses and reasons why a suspect should not be arrested.

Add one more to the list.  

According to a report from the Lufkin Police Department, Darion Amie, 22, was arrested after officers were called to a home on North First Street late Monday night because Amie was trespassing there. When officers tried to arrest him for trespassing, he resisted and told officers several times that he was "Jesus" and that they would have to let him go. After a struggle, officers got him into custody.

On the way to jail, Amie went from talking about how he hated one of the officers to how rich he was, how he had a pretty girlfriend and again, how he was Jesus. He also said his birthday out loud several times and told the officer that if he would add up the numbers, the officer would know that Amie was the actual Jesus. While pulling up to the jail, Amie told the officer that when the doors opened, it was going to be on.


In a separate incident which took place Tuesday afternoon, Brandy Williamson, 28, was arrested on warrants. Constable Tom Selman stopped a vehicle leaving Academy connected to shoplifting incident. Williamson, the passenger in the vehicle and one of the shoplifting suspects, was taken into custody after five warrants were discovered. There was also a glass pipe in the vehicle near where she had been sitting.

She was asked if she had anything illegal on her at the time of her arrest and warned that if she was lying she could face additional charges. At the jail, it was discovered that Williamson had a bag containing 17 grams of methamphetamine inside her vagina, leading to an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility.