Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Seriously, it's less than a month away. But this is not another post on how to find true love, it's a post about how many people think they have.

A new survey of nearly 3,000 people on YouGov asked people two questions. 1- Do you believe in soulmates? 2- Do you believe that you have met your soulmate?

The results were interesting. Overall, 56% believed in soulmates while 25% did not. When you broke it down by gender those numbers remained pretty consistent. The most optimistic age group was 45 - 54, while the least optimistic was those between 18 and 24. The Midwest and the West were the least optimistic about soulmates while the most optimistic part of the country was the South, so that works in our favor.

On the second question things got even more interesting. Overall, 43% of the adults surveyed said they had met their soulmate and were currently in a relationship with them. Another 8% said they had met their soulmate but were not in a relationship with them. Together, that means that 51% of the people surveyed said that they had met their soulmate.

12% said they had not yet met their soulmate but expected to and a full 19% said they hadn't met them and never expected to. With an attitude like that, they're probably right. It might also go a long way toward explaining the popularity of songs of unrequited love on the Radio. As a songwriter once explained it to me, the reason we have so many more songs of unrequited love than true love is because when you have true love you have better things to do than sit around writing silly songs about it.

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