An Indiana State Senate Committee is considering adding another $5 million to the compensation given to victims of last August’s stage collapse at the state fair, which occurred just before country duo Sugarland was due to perform. But one local teenager, who was partially paralyzed as a result of the tragedy, appeared in court to talk about how his life has been changed since then — or as he puts it, how the quality will forever be “measured as in before Sugarland and after Sugarland.”

The Republic reports that 18-year-old Brad Humphrey talked about his life and his spot on his high school’s tennis team, a spot he filled the school year prior to the accident. Now, as a result of the stage crash, he will likely be on many medications and need wheelchair assistance for the rest of his life.

In September it was reported that the nearly 50 victims or their families (if deceased) would split a one-time $5 million payout, the most allowed by state law for a single incident. An addition $800,000 had also been raised for victims in the weeks after the tragedy, coming mostly from private donors.

Humphrey says an addition $5 million would still not be enough for those who are suffering the consequences of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse. As of right now, there are a number of private lawsuits open against different entities — including Sugarland. The band is currently taking some time off to reflect on an understandably difficult 2011 and to plan their next move.

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