Um, why on earth are these freaky, creepy dolls washing up on the shores of our Texas beaches?

Can life get any weirder right now? This sounds like an idea for a blockbuster horror film to me. How about we put together a Longview and Tyler, Texas-based filmwriting crew and present it to Hollywood directors? I'm thinking we could call it:  'Annabelle Takes a Trip to Port Aransas, Texas.'

Well, ok so it's a working title. But you get the idea.

Back to the real nightmare, though. Yeah, and enough creepy dolls and doll PARTS (OMG) are washing up on Texas beaches that not only have they received plenty of social media attention from people, but larger media outlets have picked up the story. And this has happened before. Where are they coming from?

According to NBCDFW and other sources, "members of the Mission Aransas Reserve at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute are finding dolls, or parts of dolls, along the beaches on Padre Island."

You and I both know it's fairly common to find unusual things on Texas beaches. But these dolls are next-level WEIRD.

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A while back, I chatted online with Jace Tunnell who is with the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Jack had taken quite a few of these strange photos and he was happy to share some of the photos of the dolls that have washed up with us.

After you take a look, any ideas as to where these rather terrifying dolls might have come from? (Perhaps a sinister parallel universe?)

If you're ready to be thoroughly creeped out by these scary doll photos, prepare yourself.

[PHOTOS]: Why Are These Scary Dolls Washing Up on Texas Beaches?

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