It's the same uber-rich town right outside of Dallas, TX, that has also produced a couple of or our era's most dominant athletes.

But let's be honest, when a state like Texas attracts the amount of business to it like we do, it makes sense that at least one of the ten richest cities in America would be here.

Texas only lands one city inside the top 10 of this list, but if your curious, the states with the highest number of the richest cities: California with 23, New Jersey with 18, and New York with 13. And to no surprise here as more than half of the 100 richest cities are located in either the New York City area or California.


Which U.S. city is the richest?

According to worldpopulationreview, Atherton, CA has the highest average household income at $450,696 annually. That's more than seven times higher than the national median income.

In fact the median household income in the U.S. during the last census was $61,937. In the Dallas suburb that lands inside the Top 10, the average yearly household income is nearly six times that, $358,994.

As one would expect, the top 100 richest cities in the United States have quality school systems and are not too far from city centers, or are near high-profile companies. You'll find many of these towns are near massive companies such as Google or Facebook.

Texas' richest city comes in at No. 7 on the list. Highland Park, TX is widely known for its luxury homes and beautiful residential streets. And it is also the home of Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, and LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.


Here are the top ten richest cities in the United States:

  1. Atherton, CA ($450,696)
  2. Scarsdale, NY ($417,335)
  3. Cherry Hills Village, CO ($394,259)
  4. Los Altos Hills, CA ($386,174)
  5. Hillsborough, CA ($373,128)
  6. Short Hills, NJ ($367,491)
  7. Highland Park, TX ($358,994)
  8. Darien, CT ($341,090)
  9. Bronxville, NY ($340,448)
  10. Glencoe, IL ($339,883)

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