Delicious Hamburgers in East Texas

There are a lot of places in the Pineywoods that serve excellent hamburgers. I have gobbled down quite a few of them from places like Ray's Drive In, Whataburger, Mom's Diner, Butcher Boys, Nac Burger, Angelina County Airport, and more.

Another one of my favorite local burgers was cooked up at the grill inside the bowling alley that used to operate on Denman Avenue in Lufkin. Unfortunately, that business shut down some years ago as did access to that juicy burger. In fact, growing up in central Texas, one of my favorite burgers there was cooked up at the grill inside a bowling alley in San Marcos.

Great Food from Strange Places

This brings me to my next point. Sometimes, you find the best food inside places you would never expect. Let's talk about convenience stores. Many of these 'gas stations' have kitchens serving up anything from breakfast to burgers to many other foods that are deep-fried or go on the griddle.

Some of these places serve food that is at best - edible, others serve up food that is pretty decent, while a few have a dish or several that are so dang good, it not only keeps the locals coming in over and over again, but also draws the attention of food critics and influencers.

Mr. Chime Time

Mr. Chime Time is a social media influencer who has over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He travels across the country looking for hole-in-the-wall or mom-and-pop joints that are rumored to serve outstanding food. Think of Guy Fieri on a much lower budget, and instead of eating inside the restaurant, Mr. Chime Time eats and critiques in the front seat of his car.

In his latest video, Mr. Chime Time stops at a Chevron station on the southeast side of Longview, Texas. He's heard that this place is supposed to have one of the best burgers in town. It's cooked up by Barbara, who apparently has been there perfecting her burger for 20 years.

I guess the name of the burger place is called O.M.G. Burgers since that's what the sign indicates on the Chevron marquee.

Mr Chime Time via YouTube
Mr Chime Time via YouTube

What's His Verdict?

Mr. Chime Time is extremely impressed. In fact, he says this might be the best burger in Texas. You can see his review in the video below. CAUTION - his review includes some salty language.

So...looks like the next time I head to Longview, I'll be stopping at 1721 Highway 31 and ordering up this beautiful beast of a burger.

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