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  • Zavalla, Texas is wildin!
  • Jet Ski Motorcycle Hybrid
  • Doesn't go in the water.

Living in Zavalla, Texas is all about that lake life. Nestled next to Lake Sam Rayburn, the pace and attitude there is like nowhere else.

In East Texas we all do things a little differently, but it goes from mild to wild the closer to the lake you get. This 2004 Honda 600 with the shell of classic Sea-Doo on top just explains what it's like without saying a word.

Jonathan Lollar has the jet ski motorcycle hybrid for sale because he already has a lady. It's just too much of a chick magnet and snapped so many necks.

Once I found it for sale in the Lufkin Texas Classifieds on Facebook Marketplace, I had to reach out to Lollar and find out a little more about this amazing creation.

This Custom Sea-Doo Is More Motorcycle Than Jet Ski 

In East Texas we love to tinker, and though this isn't the only jet ski motorcycle hybrid in existence, it certainly is one-of-a-kind. Jonathan has a few videos of him riding the creation around and he said it will go 80 MPH with no problem.

The Honda 600 motorcycle is mostly concealed by the Sea-Doo shell. It has holes in the hull for the wheels to make contact with the road, so it's no longer sea-worthy.

It is street-legal with all the necessary lights, so you could even ride it at night. He also solved a problem that I had seen with other creations like this. Jonathan cut the hull, so he could put his feet down when stopped.

The fuel gauge isn't currently working, but he will continue to button things up until it sells. He doesn't recommend this as a daily driver, but wherever it goes, it will deliver smiles per mile for everyone that sees it.

See This Hilariously Awesome Jet Ski Motorcycle In Zavalla, Texas

If you have 6K you could be the talk of the town in Deep East Texas. Jonathan the creator said said, "If you are looking for a ATV or side-by-side call me at 409-738-5505"

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