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Total Insanity Haunt Park near Lufkin, Texas is going back to its roots for the 2023 haunted attraction season. There is no theme this year, as there has been in recent years.

This place will keep you on your toes because you have no idea what to expect. You can guarantee that they will live up to their saying "We Own Your Fear!"

The attraction is already open and attendance has been high so far. The second weekend of scares is going to be extra special.

An October Friday the 13th Is For Scares 

Tomorrow is Friday, October 13, 2023, and a Friday the 13th in October is a rare and special thing. The last one we had was in 2017, and the next one won't be until 2028.

It's really just as good as Halloween since there have been so many Friday the 13th horror movies. Total Insanity is inviting you out this Friday to get scared.

The ticket booth opens at 7 PM and attractions start at dark. Tickets are $10, $18, and $25 dollars according to how many attractions you want to visit. If you want to visit all three, it's only $25 and goes to a great cause.

It is located 2 miles from Loop 287 behind the Hudson Fire Department at 4711 Ted Trout Drive.

Total Insanity Haunt Park
Total Insanity Haunt Park

Total Insanity Haunt Park Raises Money 

Over 100 volunteers make this haunted attraction happen every October for a good reason. This is a primary fundraiser for the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department.

They use the money to keep up all of the equipment and grounds of the fire department and its two stations.


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