If you live in the Redland area of Angelina County north of Lufkin, chances are that you may be without power. Today around 1:30 PM a major accident at the corner of FM 2021 and FM 2251 took out power poles and lines in the area.

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Nothing further is known about the accident or injuries at this time. There is evidence that someone might have run a stop sign causing the accident.

One of our radio station transmitters is in the Redland area, and it lost commercial power at approximately 1:30 PM.

That was how we had the exact time this happened. If one of our transmitters goes off of commercial power and onto generator power, it notifies us.

Oncor Outage Maps Shows Power Coming Back On At 10:30 PM

A quick sweep of the Oncor outage map shows that approximately 426 homes and businesses are affected by the outage. That could translate into a few thousand residents without power at this time.

Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick

According to photos on social media, one of the power poles has snapped at the top, and they will have to replace at least one entire pole in the area. That is going to take time.

Power Is Not Expected To Come Back Until Late Wednesday Night

The expected time that the power will come back has fluctuated with current estimates around 10:30 PM tonight. This could affect Wednesday night church services in the area.

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Luckily today wasn't as warm as yesterday, and most residents can remain comfortable since it only got up to 65 degrees in Redland today.


Update 3:33 PM - Some residents may have already regained power.

Update 10 PM - Power was restored.

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