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  • Help find this thief
  • Smokey The Bear Costume Missing
  • Texas A&M Forest Service

A Smokey the Bear costume has been stolen in Hudson outside of Lufkin, Texas. It was taken at the Texas A&M Forest Service Hudson Facility on Highway 94 from a padlocked cargo trailer.


On August 17, 2023 at 3 AM a suspect was captured on security cameras wearing dark clothing pulling around a rolling trash can (that was also stolen) with the costume's OGIO black case over their back.

dennis cochran via facebook
dennis cochran via facebook

Costume Valued At Over $5000  

According to a Facebook post from Dennis Cochran, Investigator with the Texas A&M Forest Service, this was "a very expensive costume". Anyone with details on the whereabouts of this costume is asked to call 936-546-3652.

From the pictures in the Facebook post, this seems to be the new furry inflatable version of Smokey the Bear from Signs & Shapes "awesome inflatables" in Nebraska.

I called them, and they just started making this new version in January. It is inflatable yet furry, with denim jeans just as Smokey should be.

dennis cochran via facebook
dennis cochran via facebook

It's easy to carry around since it's inflatable and not as hot and bulky as other options. The current price of this costume is $4,975 before tax, so you can see why they would like it back.

Facemakers also has a version of Smokey that would make a decent replacement, though it is the older-style costume and not an inflatable. Theirs retails for $3,449.

The Costume Was Taken Right When We Need Him Most 

All of Deep East Texas is under a burn ban right now. This is a critical time in our area. It is so dry and there is little rain in our forecast.

Now more than ever, we need to hear Smokey's message, "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires".

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