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  • Full disclosure, what constitutes a Chinese restaurant in Lufkin is apparently very fluid.
  • Make sure they are open before you go, especially if you are absolutely certain they are open...they might be closed.
  • I've also thrown some other Asian restaurants onto the list.

You would think that out in the Pineywoods of Deep East Texas you couldn't get amazing Chinese food. You will be very surprised at the Chinese restaurants that have made Lufkin their home.

When you talk about Chinese food in Lufkin, the first few places that come to mind are Chen's and Hunans. They are both buffets, but it wasn't always that way.

Chen's is consistently on the top of every "best of" list that has ever come out about Chinese food in Lufkin. Hunans was the only Chinese buffet in town for a time and is also a favorite.

Are You A Chen's or a Hunans Fan? 

There has always been a battle between these two places. Both have their patrons that swear one is better than the other.

The great thing about this list is that you can't really go wrong with any of them. They all do something great.

The China Hibachi Buffett has the best-fried wonton. Chen's is the go-to place for egg rolls and General George Chicken.


They stack those egg rolls so high on the buffet line. Make sure and dip yours in the red sauce or General George sauce.

At Hunans it's the beef and broccoli for me, but everyone has their own favorites. See the list below for more information about every Asian restaurant we have in Lufkin.

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants In Lufkin, Texas

The best part of this Top 5 is that there are only 3 or 4 Chinese restaurants in Lufkin. I also included our three Japanese Restaurants.

Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe

The Roost Chicken Salad and Cafe Opens on January 18 in Lufkin. Here's a look inside the diner and some photos of their delicious food.




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