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Golf enthusiasts are stoked about the news that Topgolf is about to break ground on another one of their massive facilities in Texas. The golf practice mecca draws in all golfing lifestyles, from professionals and amateurs to first-timers who are looking for a fun time while just hitting golf balls at huge targets in an open field.

East Texans have been clamoring for an entertainment facility like this to come to this part of the state for some time now. Topgolf currently has four locations in Dallas, Texas along with three in Houston, Texas with additional facilities in Waco, El Paso, San Antonio and Austin.

Where Is The New Topgolf Being Built?

New Braunfels will be the site for the newest Topgolf location in Texas. My San Antonio reports the company has plans to build an $18 million facility with groundbreaking happening mid- to late-January with an anticipated opening date of December 15, 2024.

According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation filings, the facility will be a two-story 38,000-square-foot foot building with 60 golf hitting bays covering almost 10 acres close to I-35.

What All Can You Do At A Topgolf?

Hit golf balls basically! While hitting golf balls at huge targets at Topgolf, you can combine them with fun and interactive games that track your play and compete against your friends and family. Some locations have mini-golf courses along with other activities for the family. Of course, food and beverages are offered at all the locations too.

Until a location is built here in Tyler, we'll make the pilgrimage to Dallas, Waco, or soon New Braunfels to take on Topgolf.

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