Just A Week After An East Texas Community Fired The Police Chief And Deactivated Its Entire Police Department, Folks Who Got Tickets There Are Asking Questions.

The fallout over the firing of Coffee City's entire police force continues as residents and those who were just passing through the town and received traffic tickets have now raised a REAL legal quandary for the town.

A Recent Investigation By Houston's KHOU 11 Lead To The City Council Firing Everybody.

It was reported that Coffee City Police handed out over a MILLION DOLLARS in court fines and issued over 5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND) tickets in the past year which was the most in the State of Texas for a town with just over 250 people.

Now that the police department is no longer active, many drivers who’ve been pulled over say they want their speeding tickets dropped.

According to KETK, drivers are hoping that due to the police force's disbanding, they believe their traffic citations should be thrown out. Some residents have begun to show up to City Hall to contest their citations because they believe that the tickets were issued unlawfully.

What Should You Do If You Have A Citation In Coffee City?


If you got a ticket from the Coffee City Police Department, the city secretary said you have to pay the ticket or choose to go to trial. Here's the kicker though: if the ticket is contested, the city will have to subpoena the original issuing officer to testify in court.

Now I'm not a lawyer but ask any law expert and yourself this: How can a police officer who was fired or terminated for being untrustworthy be a "quality witness" in court? Also, do you really think any of those terminated cops would "help" the city with their cases (especially something minor like "traffic" cases)?

Yeah, I would contest it and hope it can get thrown out but if not, go ahead and pay the fine Its up to you!

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