Twelve young cowboys and cowgirls came ready to ride Wednesday at the opening night of the Angelina Benefit Rodeo at the George H. Henderson Jr., Expo Center in Lufkin. It was the first of four nights of mutton busting sponsored by KICKS 105, Justin Boots, and Boot Barn.

Every night of the rodeo, twelve boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 9 take a shot at riding a sheep on the arena floor. Registrations are taken at Boot Barn in Lufkin, and then the drawings are held the day before the rodeo starts.

On Wednesday night, youngsters representing Lufkin, Cushing, Huntington,  and Apple Springs put on your vests, helmets, and in some cases, chaps and competed in the event.

There were quite a few great rides on the night. Easton Bowers of Lufkin got the night off to a great start with a ride of 83 points. That score held for a while until Lane Freeman of Lufkin stayed atop a speeding sheep in the middle of the arena. His mark was 88 points.

However, it was a 5-year-old cowgirl from Huntington who had the top-scoring ride of the night. Chandler Puryear had an outstanding ride as she stayed centered on the back of her sheep for a ride of 90 points. There were even a few extra style points when the sheep decided to add a little hop to the ride.

A few riders later, Adrian Reyes made a great ride of 87 points.  Other 80-point riders included Gentry Read (82) and Griffin Seymore (84).

Mutton Busting - Angelina Benefit Rodeo - 4-26-23

Here are the young cowboys and cowgirls who competed at the mutton-busting championships

Mutton Busters at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo 042322

Here are the young cowboys and cowgirls who participated in the mutton bustin' April 23 at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo.

Angelina Benefit Rodeo Mutton Busters for April 22, 2022

Here are the young cowboys and cowgirls who competed in mutton bustin' at the Angelina Benefit Rodeo in Lufkin on April 22, 2022.

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