From Brittany Aldean to Lauren Akins, country stars sure know how to pick their leading ladies!

The wives of many male country artists have become celebrities in their own right, writing books, starting businesses and raising kids while keeping up with their hubbies' crazy touring schedules.

Lauren Akins is one woman who seems to do it all very well. She was Thomas Rhett's childhood sweetheart, and this many decades later, the two are going strong, raising four kids together after growing their careers from the ground up. Lauren hit the New York Times Best Seller list after releasing her 2021 memoir, Live in Loveproving that there's a lot of interest in what she does when Thomas isn't even around.

Brittany Aldean — Jason Aldean's wife — is similarly popular, if not more controversial. She's got her hands in many pots, including brands and political-leaning merch, and fans love her trendy style and reputation for being really honest.

Look to Luke Bryan's wife Caroline if you want humor on your feed — she's hilarious! Find pranks and drinking humor on her Instagram page. She has a drinkware brand, an accessory line and a clothing line called "Best Bad Influence," which sums up her personality well. But she's also charitable: She has a popular nonprofit called Brett's Barn that was launched in memory of her late niece.

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