Kelsea Ballerini is simultaneously closing the chapter on her Rolling Up the Welcome Mat era while also ushering in a new one in the visual for her song "How Do I Do This."

The music video follows the storytelling the lyrics provide as Ballerini prepares for her first date post-divorce. Her Rolling Up the Welcome Mat EP is a deep-dive into her split from fellow singer Morgan Evans after five years of marriage.

Fittingly, "How Do I Do This" is one of the last songs on the project.

"I'm scared of looking stupid / Said I, I'm ready now, I gotta prove it / Got a little black dress, I wanna use it / And maybe lose it on the floor that ain't mine / I think it's probably time to keep it movin' / I talk a big game, that I'm scared of losin' / Everything I knew about love is ruined, it's so confusin' / So, how do, how do I do this?" she sings in the chorus.

Ballerini opens the video texting with a potential new flame about a romantic get-together. She's unsure of how to date after such a long love affair and constantly second guesses herself. The "Heartfirst" singer tries on multiple outfits and plays around with various makeup looks.

Her dog, Dibs, even makes cameo as he provides a little comfort for Ballerini as she sits at her vanity.

Finally, as if committing entirely to this new chapter, she grabs the scissors and begins chopping her hair off. Her new look gives he a new spirit of confidence. Opting for the chic little black dress she sings about in the chorus, she takes one last look in the mirror before heading out the door.

The scene is silent as she takes a deep breath, gives herself a smile and walks off-screen. The moment feels both like closure and a new beginning, which is right in line with Ballerini's real love life.

The singer has been romantically linked to actor Chase Stokes after being spotted with him nearly a year ago. She later admitted that she initiated contact by sliding into his direct messages on Instagram.

The "Leave Me Again" singer told Taste of Country at this year's CMA Awards that she is officially 'rolling up the welcome mat' on this portion of her music and is looking forward to what's next.

"I'm really excited to end this year and this chapter of music with that. It feels very — like a full circle — and like we can close the door on it and do it well," she explained at the time.

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