Whether it was acting in a movie or cheering on Oklahoma Sooners football from the sidelines, Toby Keith found ways to connect with a wider audience outside of his music.

That also included getting into the ring to face off with professional wrestlers.

Toby Keith on TNA Wrestling

Keith's first televised run-in with a professional wrestler came in 2002, when he was scheduled to be a guest performer on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. As Keith stood on stage with his guitar, wrestler Jeff Jarrett entered the arena and bumped into the musician.

The two got into a heated argument, setting the stage for a feud.

"Toby loved wrestling, he always did," Jarrett said during an episode of the My World With Jeff Jarrett podcast.

The two would later find themselves together in the ring along with several other wrestlers in a battle royal. Opponents in the match are "eliminated" when they are thrown over the top rope.

Keith was able to get the upper hand on Jarrett. He delivered a suplex before sending the wrestler to the floor.

This would not be the last time the two would tangle.

Jarrett later battled Scott Hall in a No. 1 contenders match for the world heavyweight title. Keith watched the match from outside the ring, but he would later get involved in the action when he sent Jarrett crashing to the canvas with a low blow.

Jarrett said on his podcast that he originally met Keith at a celebrity golf tournament. He said the singer was paid a "healthy paycheck" for his TNA Wrestling appearances.

Toby Keith on WWE's RAW

Keith next entered the world of professional wrestling in 2010, when he was a guest on WWE's Raw.

A brief backstage scene showed WWE's Bella Twins presenting Keith with a championship belt. They were later interrupted by wrestlers Sheamus and Santino Marella, who set up a match.

"Ever since I was a child, I've always had a fascination with wrestling," Keith said in an interview regarding his WWE appearance.

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