Last week Jean-Claude Van Damme was the subject of an amazing commercial for Volvo.  In this video, Jean-Claude did his famous "splits" in quite an extraordinary way.  Soon after it went viral around the world, and now everybody is doing it.  Want to see who?  Click "Read More" NOW!

It's called, "Van Dammeing".  Sean Ericson and myself came up with it at the very last minute today, except he doesn't know it yet.  We'll be posting video soon of us "Van Dammeing" as well.  It won't be near as good as Van Damme himself, nor Channing Tatum in the video below, but it will be hilarious!  Check it out!

If you haven't seen the original Van Damme,,"Van Dammeing", here it is for your viewing pleasure.

If you choose to Van Damme please be supervised, and of course, send us video of it so we can share it!

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