The Cash Cow is back, and she's ready to pay out thousands of dollars over the next few weeks.

In the past several years, numerous East Texans have won big money by doing two simple things:

  1. Listen to KICKS 105 for the winning code words
  2. Enter the words in your KICKS 105 App

Just a few weeks ago, Larry Chandler and his wife, Cindy, were the latest KICKS 105 listeners to win $1,000.  The Etoile couple kept with code words and in August they were rewarded with the cash for listening and downloading our KICKS 105 App.

larry and cindy chandler

Beginning Monday, September 20, the KICKS 105 Cash Cow will be paying out $1,000 to two guaranteed winners every weekday.  Then, at the end of the contest, one grand prize winner is going to pocket $10,000!

Listen every weekday at 20 past the hour from 8:20 am to 5:20 pm for the hourly code words.  That's a total of 10 words a day.  Each word gets you another entry into the daily drawings.  We'd love nothing more to post your picture into our gallery of our growing list of cash winners.

Cash Cow winners

Stephanie McMullen of Huntington ($1,000), Stacy Maxey of Etoile ($1,000), Arnita Cavender of Lovelady ($1,000) and Brandi Powers of Pollok ($5,000) are just some of the recent Cash Cow winners.

So, what would you do with $1,000?  How about $10,000?  Would you pay off bills, pay off the car note, take a well-deserved vacation, or just put it away for a rainy day?  Listen to win and download our app and then get ready to win the cash.  It's time for the KICKS 105 Cash Cow powered by Truss & Son Plumbing.


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