Fans really love Kelly Clarkson's fun, irrepressible personality, and she let that free spirit show when she hung out for some day drinking with late-night host Seth Meyers.

Clarkson shows that she's game for anything when she joins Meyers for some daytime imbibing, exclaiming, "Oh my god! You're a champ!" after he starts by polishing off a beer in one continuous, rather impressive display of pure drinking skill.

Meyers plays bartender as they plow through a series of drinks based on Clarkson's career, including the Simon Cowell, which is a fitting combination of hot sauce, vodka and bitters that causes the already-tipsy duo to sing, "My lips are on fire!" to the tune of Alicia Keys.

They also run through a drink called a Grammy before Clarkson trades places with Meyers to mix them up a couple of Blake Sheltons. The drink consists of bourbon, Southern Comfort, Tennessee Whiskey and bananas, and Clarkson downs hers in one gulp before saying, "I could use some toothpaste — my breath is all hot sauce and bananas."

There's another drink called the Voice in honor of her upcoming season as a judge on the iconic reality singing contest, but one of the funniest points in the video comes when Meyers challenges Clarkson to a drinking contest based around the cognitive test that President Trump recently underwent. Watch a hammered Clarkson try to name every word beginning with "F" that she can in a minute — beginning with one that might come to mind rather easily.

Meyers slurs his way through a hapless tribute performance of "Since U Been Gone" before they end up the drinking session by screaming random phrases off the top of the building they're in, with Clarkson bellowing, "I love the movie From Justin to Kelly!" in a reference to the wretched feature film she was contractually forced to do after winning American Idol.

"I'm only doing this because I'm contractually obligated to do press for NBC!" she adds comically.

Click the video at the top of the post to see all of the day drinking fun for yourself. Clarkson begins her first season as a coach on The Voice when the show premieres on Monday, Feb. 26.

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