The Dee Jays here at KICKS 105 are huge soccer fans...well, we are right now and we have a full blown case of World Cup fever, especially after Team USA's big win over Ghana. 

Not only did the Americans win that first game 2-1, but Nacogdoches' very own Clint Dempsey score the first goal of the game.  It was a record setting goal as well as he became the only American to score a goal in the 3 World Cups.

Something this exciting and monumental deserved some huge recognition or event...and we believe we have come up with the perfect response.  Sean Ericson, Steve Rixx, and myself, also known as Team KICKS 105, have created a re-enactment of Clint Dempsey's historic goal.  We tried our best to stay true to form of that actual goal.

Oh yeah, sorry about the stern words that I uttered in the outtake section of the video, but my body was just not meant to stretch that least, not anymore.


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