Déjà vu - a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.  See also - East Texas Spring Weather.

That's the official definition from the Oxford Dictionary, although I did embellish just a bit on that last part.

Yes, here we go again. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma is advising residents across north-central and eastern Texas to brace for the possibility of severe weather Monday afternoon through early Tuesday morning.  A swath from Dallas to Shreveport which includes Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Tyler and Longview has the highest chance of seeing a severe weather outbreak.

Storm Prediction Center
Storm Prediction Center

What's Going to Hit Us and When?

Heavy downpours, frequent lightning, marble-sized hail, 60 mph straight-line winds, and yes, even tornadoes are in play for the storms that will be heading our way.  The biggest threats will come from gusty, damaging winds and hail. Some areas may get up to an inch of rain, but flooding is not expected to be a major issue at this time.  Tornadoes are also possible across East Texas.

Unfortunately, this severe weather outbreak in east and northeast Texas is expected to happen after sunset on Monday.  Most of the weather models show the worst of the weather to hit the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area sometime around midnight or just thereafter.  The highest number of injuries and deaths due to severe weather happens late at night, obviously due to the fact that most people are asleep at this time and are therefore not tuned in to weather alerts and warnings.

Stay Safe

Be sure to prepare for the possibility of nasty weather in your area.  Have a safety plan of action concerning where to go in the event of life-threatening weather.  Download our free KICKS 105 App to have breaking weather alerts sent to your smartphone.

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Hopefully, we can avoid severe weather, especially tornadoes.  We're just a couple weeks removed from seeing what an EF-2 tornado is capable of.

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