According to an overnight release by the Lufkin Police Department, their dispatchers took several dozen 30 calls regarding a "mass shooting threat" at Lufkin ISD today. Angelina County Sheriff's Office dispatchers have also received these calls. 
Any threat of violence - especially involving the safety of our children - is taken extremely seriously and investigated swiftly. These statements appear to be nothing more than rumors circulating Facebook and Twitter regarding all area schools.
"'I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who called the police and the police said it's true.' That's what we're hearing from concerned parents," Media Specialist Jessica Pebsworth said. "A hoax like this one is so effective because of that knee-jerk reaction every parent has regarding the safety of their child."
Our investigators will continue to monitor this situation, but as of now they do not believe that there is a safety threat at any area school.  We will increase patrol around our school zones in the morning and area ISD officers will also be out in force as an added precaution.