Why did the man cross the busy Lufkin loop while waving a towel?

Apparently, he just wanted his exercise.  Here's how the story went down:

Lufkin Police observed a man, later identified as Michael Swint, repeatedly running back and forth across the loop near Al Meyer Ford.  He waived a white towel as he ran across the traffic lanes, disregarding the vehicles that had to break and change lanes to avoid striking him.

Officers on the northbound side of the loop tried to gain Swint's attention but he ignored them and ran back across the southbound lanes, once again waving his white towel.

When enough officers arrived to cover both sides of the roadway, Swint ran through a wooded area near Paul Avenue.  LPD finally detained the man in a field and when asked about his actions, Swint stated that he was "getting exercise".

Swint was arrested for the Class C Misdemeanor offense of crossing at a point other than a crosswalk.

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