I've gotten to the point now that whenever I don't recognize the incoming number to my phone, I will not answer it.  If it is a legitimate call, I would expect that person or company to leave a message.  

I just hear to many stories about scammers cold calling into the area trying to use everything from charm to fear to extract money from an unsuspecting target.  Such was the case in a recent Lufkin scam.

According to the Lufkin Police Department, a man reported being scammed out of $8,000 by a man who called his home, saying his son had been arrested in Austin with 14 pounds of marijuana and needed bail money. The man sent the money FedEx but received a phone call asking for an additional $14,000 for a fine. The man then got a call from his son, who is working out of the country, and realized he had been the victim of scam.

Police are doing all they can to try and track the individual(s) responsible, but usually in situations such as this, following the internet trail is impossible.

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