Jerks, Thugs, Parasites, Losers

Call them what you want, scammers can be described with any of these words. They use threats, confusion, and other ploys to dupe folks out of their hard-earned money.

Scammers are scum, which is why I like watching videos like this.

Scammer Poses at Lufkin Police Officer

According to a release from the Lufkin Police Department, a Houston-area man reported being scammed out of $2,500 on Tuesday by someone who called him claiming to be Lt. Mike Shurley with the Lufkin Police Department.

The scammer (who was NOT Lt. Shurley - the head of our criminal investigations division) told the man he had failed to appear on a summons and demanded $2,500 in gift cards to prevent a warrant for the man's arrest.

A Sugarland woman reported receiving the same type of call from "Lt. Shurley," but she did not give the scammer any money.

Steps to Protect Yourself and Others from Scammers

Verify the Caller's Identity:
Ask for the caller's full name, badge number, and department.
Call the official phone number of the Lufkin Police Department - 936-633-0356 (do not use the number provided by the caller) to verify the information.

Do Not Share Personal Information:
Avoid providing personal or sensitive information over the phone.

Report the Incident:
If you suspect a scam, report it to your local police department and provide them with any relevant details.

Warn Others:
Share information about the scam with friends, family, and colleagues to help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

Stay Informed:
Keep yourself updated on common scams and fraud schemes in your area.

Remember that legitimate law enforcement agencies will not typically request sensitive information over the phone. Scammers often use intimidation tactics or claim there's an urgent matter to trick individuals into providing personal information or money.

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