In 30+ years of radio, I have amassed quite a few strange stories that I could tell.  But, something tells me those stories wouldn't hold up to a week's worth of what a police officer experiences.  Let's add one more to the list  

According to the latest Lufkin Police report, early Tuesday afternoon, a man called police to the 1700 block of Tulane Avenue because he claimed he was assaulted by his ex-girlfriend.  The man reported being punched in the face by his ex-girlfriend after he told her he wanted to breakup because she was doing methamphetamine. The man said she asked him to forgive her and she then moved in for a kiss, at which point he pushed her away.

He said that angered her and she hit him and slapped him. The man went on to say that after she slapped him she dropped to the ground and said she was pregnant.

It was at that point that he called police for help.


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