Friday night, Lufkin Police responded to a call involving a woman and her son which resulted in the stabbing death of Martha Hageon, 48, of Lufkin and the serious injury to Officer Gerardo Salinas.

Contributed Photo/Lufkin Police
Contributed Photo/Lufkin Police

Lufkin Police have now released a video (which is not for evidentiary purposes) compiled from officer body-worn camera and surveillance video of that incident.  The 911 calls placed to Lufkin Dispatch have also been included. We have decided not to include that video in this post but we will provide a link to the Lufkin Police Facebook Page which includes the video.

After watching the video, we are quick to applaud the Lufkin Police Officers.  They acted quickly and without regard to harm to themselves in preventing further injuries to bystanders.

Mrs. Hageon’s 26-year-old son Alejandro Sanabria remains in the Angelina County Jail on a $6 million bond charged in the incident.  Other charges may be added in this incident.

Sanabria can be seen in the video wearing a yellow hoodie, while Mrs. Hageon stands beside him wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and glasses. The video has been edited to exclude the moment Mrs. Hageon was fatally wounded. Sanabria stabbed Officer Salinas during the struggle to get the knife away from him. It took four officers to get Sanabria restrained and into custody.

There were also customers and clerks in the store at the time of the incident. Their faces have been blurred to protect their identities.


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