C'mon man, it's Christmas time!!

Looks like Jeanette Pool of Lufkin didn't get the memo about this time of the year bringing out the goodwill to your fellow man, even when they're law enforcement.

The police report is lengthy, but it's about the only way to keep track with everything that happened during this incident. 

An LPD officer responded to 1109 Atkinson Dr in reference to a dog bite victim. The officer was advised prior to his arrival that a female had sustained bite wounds to her face, and the dog was still running loose inside the residence. In the driveway of the residence, the officer arrived and made contact with a 48-year-old male who reported that his sister, Jeanette Pool, who was intoxicated, was inside the residence with the dog and that the dog was tearing up the house. The officer followed the male to the door of the residence and the male went into the house. The officer observed that the dog was still loose inside the residence but it was not aggressive towards the other people in the residence. The officer called for animal control to respond to the scene. The officer, hearing the occupants of the house arguing with each other, directed the occupants to exit the residence in order to get away from the dog but they would not come out of the residence or gain control of the dog. The officer directed the occupants to send the dog bite victim out of the residence in order to be treated by the EMS unit that was on scene. The male from the driveway and his sister, Jeanette Pool, came out of the house together and another occupant of the residence shut the door so that the dog could not get out. The officer observed large lacerations to Jeanette Pool's upper and lower lips. She was bleeding profusely as she walked towards the officer. When the officer spoke to Pool, she was completely uncooperative and began swinging her arms violently. The officer and Pool were in very close proximity because they were standing on a wood boardwalk for the residence that had railing on both sides. When Pool began swinging her arms and screaming at the officer, he grab her arms in order to prevent his being hit and being exposed to her bodily fluids. Pool then began pulling away from the officer, telling him not to touch her; the officer felt that Pool was not trying to assault him at that time, so he let go of her arms. Pool walked back up the wood boardwalk towards the house, but her bother was between her and the door. Pool tried to push past her brother but he stopped her and told her that she was not going to go back into the residence with the dog that attacked her. The residence belonged to the brother and Pool did not live at the residence. Pool continued to try to push through her brother but he kept her away from the door both for her own protection from the dog and because he did not want her to go back into his residence. The officer was able to briefly get her attention but she would not calm down and speak to the officer. She then tried again to go past her brother, but this time Pool used her fist to punch his face. The officer immediately detained Pool and tried to take her to the EMS unit, but she continued to be uncooperative with the officer and EMS staff. The officer then arrested Pool and tried to control her but she dropped herself to the ground and laid flat on her stomach. Additional officers arrived to assist and strapped Pool to an EMS backboard. Lufkin EMS, with an officer onboard for safety, transported Pool to Memorial ER. At the hospital, Pool continued to fight and struggle with officers and staff while they tried to transfer her to a medical bed. Pool bit an officer’s hand, leaving teeth mark indentions, and then she spit on him causing her saliva to enter the officer’s eye and land on his face and uniform. The officer’s eye was flushed due to being exposed to Pool's saliva. After struggling with Pool for several minutes, the officers were able to restrain her to the bed and place a spit mask on her; a nurse administered two shots intended to calm Pool. Approximately two minutes after Pool was restrained, she was able to pull her arm out of a restraint in an attempt to escape but officers were able to quickly restrain her again after a brief struggle. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the medication began to work and Pool stopped struggling and fell asleep. After Pool was medically cleared and woke up from the medication, she was transported to Angelina County Jail and booked in for Assault (Family Violence) (M/C), Harassment of a Public Servant (F/3), and Resisting Transport (M/A).



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