There was no full moon out this past weekend, so we can't use that as an excuse for some of the strange behavior as reported by the Lufkin Police report.  Let's start with the case of the mystery dog.   

Logan Anders, 25, was arrested Sunday night after a homeowner heard him yelling for help in a wooded area near their house near E. Lufkin Avenue. When an officer arrived, he found Anders riding his bicycle out of the woods. Anders told the officers he had been yelling for help because he had been running from a dog that bit him on the leg. The officer saw no dog bite on Ander's leg and noticed that he seemed nervous. The officer asked Anders if he had ever used drugs and Anders said it had been a couple of days. The officer then asked if he could search Anders pockets. After Anders gave him permission, the officer found a baggie with what appeared to be methamphetamine residue and a syringe. Anders was taken into custody on a charge of possession of drugs.

Also reported by the Lufkin Police, sometime between 2 AM Saturday and 2 AM Monday, someone broke into a residence in the 200 block of Moss Street in Lufkin.  A woman reported that she came home to find her bedroom window broken and a Yankees ball cap on her bed, similar to the picture below. She said she didn't find anything missing and that the cap does not belong to anyone who lives in her home.

Incidentally, the New York Yankees were playing in a series in Toronto over the weekend, so I think we can safely cross any of the baseball team members off the suspect list.


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