The Outstanding Warrant Two-Step

Every year, it's a routine that takes place in Lufkin, Texas. I call it the Outstanding Warrant Two-Step.

Step One: The City of Lufkin grants a warrant amnesty program complete with an opportunity to pay reduced fines.

Step Two: That amnesty period is usually soon followed up by an outstanding warrant sweep. Officers will go to area residences and businesses to arrest persons who didn't take advantage of the amnesty program.

Step One is Underway

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and possibly save you some major embarrassment at home or at work in the future.

The Lufkin Municipal Court is offering this warrant amnesty program from March. 1, 2023 through April 30, 2023. Anyone with an active outstanding warrant through the court is encouraged to take this opportunity to get a fresh start AND SAVE SOME MONEY.

Wipe Out the Warrant and Save Money

All warrant fees will be removed when a citizen voluntarily contacts the court to pay a minimum of one-half the total amount due and start a payment plan for the balance owed.

As an added incentive, anyone that pays in full will also save an additional 20% off the fine amount. The percentage savings is only on the fine, not the court costs.

The court will also offer assistance to those individuals that may not be able to pay half down or pay in full and will work out an agreeable action plan for anyone that is willing to make the effort to come in and clear up their warrants.

Is This Some Sort of Sting?

Rest easy. No funny business going on here. Anyone that comes to the clerk’s office to take care of their outstanding warrants will be given safe harbor.

This year the Municipal Court is offering warrant amnesty by visiting the court in person, by telephone, or on-line.  Contact the Municipal Court at (936)633-0315 or for more information.

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