Beginning Thursday, January 4, a traffic switch will occur within a major Nacogdoches construction project that will move traffic to a newly constructed frontage road.

Crews are scheduled to switch traffic to the new northbound frontage road on US 59/SL 224 located within the US 59/SL 224 South Interchange construction project in Nacogdoches. There will also be a detour in place at the SH 7 exit ramp.

EASTEX Photography/Jason Reina/via YouTube
EASTEX Photography/Jason Reina/via YouTube

Message boards are set announcing the traffic switch and detour. Law enforcement will also be available to monitor and assist traffic as the new frontage road is opened.

The US 59/SL 224 South Interchange construction is currently 77 percent complete. The project was designed to upgrade existing US 59 to interstate standards by constructing new US 59 direct connectors at SL 224 and frontage roads along SL 224 between SH 7 and US 59 South.

“There are many moving parts to this major construction project,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “We urge the public to be very alert and slow down as they maneuver through this work zone.”

Construction began in Sept 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by mid-2025, weather permitting. Crews continue to work to connect the new infrastructure to existing roadways throughout the project. Crews will be working this week drilling bridge foundations at Spradley Street, installing new drainage features for the US 59 southbound frontage road, and beginning work at SH 7 to rebuild the intersection.

Here is a bird's-eye view of the construction area taken during the last week of December, via EASTEX Photography.

As this work continues, motorists are urged to reduce speed and obey all traffic controls throughout the construction project. Stay alert for moving equipment and workers near the lanes of traffic Fines double when workers are present.

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