Congratulations are in order for the two newest officers who are now officially part of the Nacogdoches Police Department's community.

Officer Tyler Walker and Officer Grace Baggett took the oath of office today. Nacogdoches County Judge Greg Sowell performed the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

A big thanks in advance to Officers Walker and Baggett for their sacrifices to ensure the safety and peace of the city of Nacogdoches.

Contributed FB Photos/NPD
Contributed FB Photos/NPD

Thursday Travel in Downtown Nacogdoches

The Nacogdoches Police Department is also alerting motorists who will be traveling near downtown on Thursday, February 9 to be on the lookout for road work.  The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will be closing West Main Street between North Street and Pearl Street.

Work crews will be milling the existing pavement from the roadway and will relay new asphalt. TXDOT may adjust the barricades as needed for worker safety.

Yup, those places are located right in the middle of the work zone.  Since that section of West Main Street will be closed to all traffic during the road work, anyone needing access to the courthouse or NPD will just need to re-route off of Pearl Street for the police department and Pilar Street for the courthouse.

Anyone traveling near the construction zone, such as near the intersection of Main Street and North Street should reduce speed and stay alert near the work zones for workers and moving equipment.

The project was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but due to a rainy forecast through Wednesday, the start date was pushed back.

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