Do you know what excites a big girl more than a new Blue Bell flavor? Knowing her pants still fit after a night of binge eating Blue Bell for "research". Finding the latest Blue Bell flavor is like a Southerner's form of art. Only a few can appreciate the beauty of finally finding the elusive flavor. We are supposed to be able to locate the newest Blue Bell flavor no problem. However, this new flavor might complicate things. Fans of cookie cakes and ice cream can now have it all in a pint. Blue Bell's latest flavor is a swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with huge chunks of cookie cake!

According to a press release from Blue Bell we should see the new Cookie Cake Ice Cream hit the freezers on Thursday. However, we have yet to see the ice cream in the store. The new ice cream is available in gallon and pint sizes for a limited time. If you spot the new flavor in a store tell us where. We need to "research" here at the station.

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