The Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday approved more than $4.8 million in the Lufkin District for new sidewalks, bikeways, and other types of infrastructure. This investment in alternative pathways includes improvements to the City of Lufkin, the City of Coldspring, and the City of Huntington.

“People who walk and bike make up about 1 out of every 5 deaths on roadways here in Texas,” Texas Transportation Commissioner Alvin New said. “These projects will help the state move closer toward the goal of zero deaths by giving people a place to walk and bike separate from traffic.”

In Lufkin, more than $1.7 million was approved for new sidewalks on Angelina Street and Atkinson Drive. The project will construct more than 1 mile of 6-foot-wide sidewalks along Angelina Street from Groesbeck Avenue to Abney Avenue as well as along Atkinson Drive from Angelina Street to Timberland Drive.

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In Huntington, $130,525 was approved for a bicycle/pedestrian master plan that will evaluate new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the city of Huntington that will include sidewalks, signalized intersections in multiple locations, and other safety measures.

In Coldspring, $3 million was approved for SH 150 West for pedestrian improvements. The project will construct a 5-foot-wide sidewalk along SH 150 from SH 156 to the Coldspring-Oakhurst High School campus. It will be constructed on the east side of the highway and will connect to an existing sidewalk east of Live Oak Street.

In 2022, there were 830 pedestrians and 92 bicyclists killed, and over the last five years, both have risen nearly 30 percent statewide. These projects will help improve safety for people walking, biking, or using wheelchairs.

Commissioners also approved $1.7 million in maintenance contracts for the Lufkin District. Angelina, Houston, and Trinity County maintenance sections were approved for $1 million for limestone rock asphalt materials that will be used for road repairs on BU 69.

Maintenance sections in Polk and San Jacinto counties were approved for $716,170 to be used for on-call traffic control on US 59.

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