Willie P's BBQ & Fish has a new home in East Texas.

For the past several years, the restaurant has been located on Raguet Street in Lufkin, about a half-mile beyond Frank Street. Now, Willie P and the crew have relocated the eatery to the Central/Pollok area.

The exact location is 142 Alvie in Pollok, but Willie P's BBQ & Fish is very easy to find.  The restaurant is located just south of Clawson Assembly of God Church on Highway 69.  If you're not sure where that is, just head to the intersection of Highway 69 and FM 2021 and you'll be within a few hundred feet of Willie P's.

One of the biggest advantages this location has over the previous spot is the addition of a nice-sized dining area.  The location on Raguet had room for just a few stools inside, so the restaurant was run basically as a carryout or drive-thru facility. But now, you can bring friends and family inside and relax and enjoy their delicious menu items.

Let's talk about those menu items.  Obviously BBQ and fish are in their name so their fried catfish and brisket and hot links are off-the-chart fantastic, but you'll find a wide variety of other plates, baskets and specialty items, such as:

  • cheeseburgers
  • smothered pork chops
  • oxtail
  • chicken wings
  • loaded baked potatoes
  • chitterlings
  • turkey legs

The list goes on and on, and believe me, the servings are so large you will have plenty of leftovers. Check out Willie P's BBQ & Fish Facebook Page, or give them a call at 936-899-7310 or 936-635-9262.  Keep in mind that they have a large food truck so they can bring the kitchen to you and cater your event.

Here's a look at some of their delicious dishes.  CAUTION - YOU WILL GET HUNGRY.


Willie P's BBQ & Fish

Willie P's BBQ & Fish recently moved locations to Highway 69 North, next door to Clawson Assembly of God Church. Here's a look at some of their delicious menu items.

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