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Carjackings along with human trafficking do not just happen in the big metros, anyone living in smaller communities needs to be aware of their surroundings and have a plan of evasive action in case they are approached.

I've seen many social media reports of undesirables staging in parking lots or near intersections trying to prey upon an unsuspecting or unobserving individual, however, I saw one today that hit close to home in Lufkin.

Possible Lufkin Carjacking or Kidnapping Attempt

According to a Facebook post, a lady was leaving Farmhouse Bakery on South John Redditt Drive Friday morning. While waiting at the driveway intersection two men in a dark grey sedan with two dogs pulled up beside her.

One of the men got out of the car holding a dog and told her he needed to go to the hospital. The lady told the man that she would call 911. She never opened her door or rolled her window down.

The man then opened her back door and tried to jump in her car. She took off, the door slammed, and she immediately called the police. Thankfully, she was physically unharmed.

Apparently, there have been similar instances of this around the area.

How to NOT Become a Victim

  • Be observant. Keep your head on a swivel and try your best to know what's going on 360 degrees around you.
  • Do not keep your head buried in your phone and unaware of your surroundings
  • Keep your doors locked and windows up and never unlock or roll them down for anyone that is unfamiliar.
  • Keep a safety device with you. That could be mace, a piercing whistle, or if you're properly trained - a gun.
  • Learn self-defense
  • Try your best not to travel alone. If you're going out for a walk or jog, buddy up with someone.
  • Notify police immediately, even if you're not 100% certain that an individual(s) is planning a crime.

Your first order of business is to get yourself out of harm's way, but also try your best to gather as much information as you can for law enforcement.

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