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A Look Back

In January 2022, Tessa Aycock was rescued after spending approximately 30 minutes underwater. Her journey over the past year and a half has been well-documented by her mom through Tessa's Testimony Page on social media.

Prayers Needed

Tessa's journey is an inspiration. Her miraculous story has brought so many people to their knees to offer prayers for her continued recovery. Those prayers are needed more than ever now. She recently had to be taken to Texas Children's Hospital after going into respiratory distress.

I have copied and pasted and paraphrased the latest update on her testimony page. This was posted around 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 6.

"Tessa is fighting for her life. During the night Tessa’s lung collapsed worse than before. So they inserted a 2nd larger chest tube which helped reinflate the lung. This helped her vital signs but she still has low oxygen levels without a large amount of support from the vent. We can’t really figure out if this is from the infectious process of having pneumonia or from the repetition in her lung collapsing."

"Here’s what we do know. Her team is excellent and they are trying everything to prevent this from happening again and from Tessa getting worse. If she were to have her lung collapse again they would contemplate ECMO which is like a continuous bypass- a machine that oxygenated her blood for her. I don’t know that there would be much more they could do to help facilitate her lung healing after ECMO. So pray it doesn’t come to that!"

"Right now they are giving her blood to see if that helps her oxygen-carrying capacity. They have done an echocardiogram to see how her heart is functioning and we’re waiting on those results. They have also placed her on nitrous oxide to help with the exchange of oxygen in her lungs."

"Things for Tessa can change minute by minute. Her lungs are failing her. She is very critical at this time. Pray the 2nd chest tube continues to keep her lung inflated and pray she doesn’t develop another pneumothorax! We have hope but my heart is breaking. Put her on every prayer chain you have."

Please pray for Tessa's healing as well as peace and comfort for her family.

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